FIRST AIRED: August 10, 2016

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e battle for Aleppo rages on. Syrian government forces bombing rebel held areas of the divided city according to this amateur video. Damascus determined to stop the rebel advance which began at the weekend. But this man says it's a civilian area that's been hit by the army's barrel bombs.
He points to a school and apartment buildings all destroyed in the onslaught. According to pro-Damascus TV, the government has retaken some territory from opposition forces. And they claimed, they've closed off a rebel corridor opened up to break a month-long siege. The opposition-held eastern sector. That's been roundly denied by rebels.
Reuters Suleiman Al-Halidi in Beruit, says the rebels showed unusual unity in breaking the siege, but could struggle to consolidate their gains.>> We might be seeing a period in which of a long protracted war of attrition. In which both sides will just keep to and pro battles with rebels who are dug in fortifications.
Minimizing the impact of relentless air bombing without really changing the current balance of forces on the ground.>> Amid claim and counter claim, fears are growing over the humanitarian situation in the city. The Syrian governments delivered food and fuel to the area it controls in Western Aleppo. But in the east of the city, over a quarter of a million people remain trapped with no access to medical care or clean water.
The UN's called for a urgent ceasefire to allow electricity and water supplies to be repaired and for aid to be delivered to the city's desperate residents.