FIRST AIRED: August 23, 2016

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>> For those who don't like deja vu, look away now. Nicolas Sarkozy is back and he wants the French Presidency again in 2017. In that most 21st century of announcements on Twitter, Sarkozy said he felt he had the strength to lead this battle, at a troubled time in the country's history.
He might need to it too, if he's to convince voters to re-elect a divisive former president.>> Sarkozy was remembered for what was generally perceived as a failed presidency between 2007 and 2012. He was nicknamed the Bling-Bling President because he was perceived as siding with the rich and holidaying with tycoons on yachts in the Mediterranean.
But the mood has shifted somewhat here now. After the attacks in Nice and in the Normandy church in July, the themes of security, immigration, and national identity have come to the fore, and these are themes that play into Sarkozy's hand. Should he get through and win the primary contest, then at the moment, most analysts would say that whoever wins this center-right party ticket has a good crack at winning the election.
Because they'll be up against Francois Hollande, the incumbent president, who is the most unpopular president in modern French times, and the far right Front National leader Marine Le Pen. And although Marine Le Pen leads opinion polls in the first round, it's highly unlikely that she would win a head to head contest in the second round of the Presidential election.