FIRST AIRED: August 23, 2016

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>> Nigeria claims it struck a major blow to Boko Haram, all as US Secretary of State, John Kerry arrives to talks on tackling the militants. Nigeria's air force saying that a number of senior fighters and possibly Boko Haram's leader have been killed in air strikes. The attacks reportedly taking place Friday night, but only being announced Tuesday, with Kerry in town.
>> One of our tasks, one of our central tasks, and almost every single religious leader I just heard in the other room talked about this task, has to be to remove the vulnerabilities in our own position. To effectively counter violent extremism, we have to ensure that military action is coupled with a reinforced commitment to the values this region and all of Nigeria has a long legacy of supporting.
>> The Nigerian government claims the Islamist group's leader Abubakar Shekau has been fatally wounded. Reuters' Ulf Laessing is in Lagos, Nigeria assessing the impact.>> About five times they already said they killed him, but he always made a comeback in media messages. If it's confirmed, it would be a big achievement but the Nigerian army has a bit of a history of claiming things which don't always turn out to be correct.
>> Boko Haram have not confirmed the attack or any fatalities. But they will be keeping an eye on its implications. Nigeria has been pushing the US to send its aircraft to take on the militants. Under its last leader that didn't go to plan. The US blocking arms sales over human rights concerns.
President Buhari will be telling Kerry on Tuesday things have changed.