FIRST AIRED: August 19, 2016

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>> US Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte posting an apology Friday. The Olympian and three other teammates at the center of a controversy roiling the Summer Games after initially claiming they were robbed at gunpoint. Rio police saying the athletes invented the story. Lochte stopping short of saying he lied, but admitting he should have been more careful and candid about last Sunday's events.
The apology coming just as fellow swimmers Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz arrive back on US soil. The pair had been held in Brazil for questioning then released to a jeering crowd shouting liars and fakes. They were allowed to board a plane home from Brazil, landing in Miami Friday morning.
Reuters' Cassandra Garrison was on that plane.>> Just before landing, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were moved from their seats in coach to business class seats, which were enclosed by heavy floor-to-ceiling drapes, normally used as a crew resting area. That was likely an attempt to shield them from the media after they were swarmed by press at the Rio airport.
I tried to speak to them while they were in that enclosed area before I exited the plane. Guys, guys, sorry, knock, knock, sorry. Can you tell me how it feels to be home?>> Excuse me, no taking pictures.>> And a flight attendant swiftly rushed over, yelling and demanding that I stop shooting video and stop taking pictures.
>> She persisted once off the plane, but the two remained mum.>> The Brazilian government says they might charge you guys for falsifying a report and vandalism. Do you have any response to that?>> And ABC News reporting Friday that fellow swimmer Jimmy Feigen will pay $11,000 to a Brazilian charity as settlement for the false claims.
Team USA also apologizing to Brazil, condemning the actions of the swimmers. The four had claimed they were subjects of an armed robbery by men pretending to be police after leaving a party early Sunday morning. Authorities do agree two things occurred, a gun was pulled, and money changed hands.
But beyond that, police give a very different account, saying the four men broke a bathroom mirror and soap holder at a gas station while they were drunk. A security guard reportedly pulled out a gun when one of the Americans began acting up. The foursome eventually forked out $50 cash for compensation.
Lochte returned to the US earlier this week, with ABC reporting Feigen can go home once his payment to the charity is made. The so-called robbery singled out as the incident that soured South America's first games. The US Olympics Committee saying it could take action against the athletes.