FIRST AIRED: August 11, 2016

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>> Donald Trump's latest antics may finally be too much for the RNC. Party Chair, Rynce Priebus reportedly telling the candidate that the GOP is ready to focus its support elsewhere if he doesn't clean up his act. Political correspondent, Ginger Gibson.>> We're seeing a lot of concern within the Republican party that Donald Trump's inability to gain traction, and his continued bad showing in the polls is going to cost the party seats in the House and the Senate.
70 Republicans, some former office holders, signed onto a letter calling on the RNC to stop helping Trump. And instead focus on saving congressional seats and keeping Republican control of Congress. If the RNC pulls resources from Donald Trump to focus on congressional races, it will be because they believe that Donald Trump can't win at that point.
But if they do so, Trump would likely blame any losses on the RNC not supporting him.>> According to Time Magazine, Priebus called Trump last week, concerned about his struggling campaign. Trump denying there was any call with Priebus, and RNC communications director, Sean Spicer, tweeting Thursday morning that the story was not true.
>> How stupid are we?>> Disparaging comments about the family of a fallen Muslim american soldier and what many interpreted as a call for violence against rival, Hillary Clinton has Trump lagging in the polls of key swing states. Like Iowa, Ohio and Pennsylvania. It's not the first time the party leader has asked Trump to stay on message and act more professional.
But the billionaire doesn't seem to be following those instructions, just three months ahead of election day.>> Thank you.