FIRST AIRED: August 29, 2016

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>> In a year when republicans risk losing their hold on the Senate, the only democratic seat in any real danger is the one currently occupied by minority leader, Harry Reid. Polls on the Nevada senate race showing Catherine Cortez Masto, a former Nevada attorney general, andt the retiring Reid's chosen successor, dead-even with representative, Joe Heck, a three term congressman, doctor, and Army reservist.
>> I don't think Kathryn is going to win.>> In a Reuters interview, Reid tying Heck's strength to his favorite boogeyman, the billionaire Koch brothers, who Reid claims are behind Heck's support from groups like the Chamber of Commerce, the NRA, and groups run by former Bush advisor, Carl Rove
>> Karl Rove, he doesn't raise that money, he just goes to the Koch brothers. They're all fronts for the Koch brothers.>> Capitol Hill Correspondent, David Morgan, went to Nevada for the interview.>> Reid has a long, and fiery history with the Koch brothers in 2014 he actually took to the floor of the senate to describe them as un-American.
I thought that in this interview he went further than he has in the past. Now we asked the Chamber of Commerce about that and they denied the idea but also said that the good side of it for them is that senator Reid won't be able to repeat such things as a senator for much longer.
>> And the Koch brothers, I think they're ruling America.>> Taking Reid's senate seat would be a coup for Republicans as Donald Trump weighs on their chances in other states from New Hampshire to North Carolina.>> He has a legacy to protect. He rides off into the sunset in January, politically speaking.
That's the end of the career of maybe more than 50 years. Not to be able to hand his seat off to a fellow Democrat would be a blow to his legacy.>> It's time to work together to solve problems.