FIRST AIRED: August 27, 2016

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>> As the Trump campaign continues to promise a kinder and gentler candidate is right around the corner, his staffers and surrogates keep finding themselves flailing in the glare of increased scrutiny. Just weeks after Paul Manafort, Trump's second campaign manager, was ousted over allegations he took cash from pro-Russian Ukrainian groups.
His third campaign chief Steven Bennin now revealed to have been charged in 1996 for misdemeanor and domestic violence. And according to court documents reviewed by the AP, Bennin's ex-wife in that case claimed he quote, doesn't like Jews and would not let her daughter attend a school with Jews.
Bennin's alleged remarks follows a pattern among some prominent Trump surrogates. On Friday, the governor of Maine, Paul LePage, a Trump supporter and stumper apologized for leaving an obscenity-laced voicemail for a lawmaker who he believed called him a racist.>> I would like to talk to you about your comments about my being a racist, you
cker.>> The incident followed a town hall meeting on Wednesday, where LePage said that 90% of drug dealers were Black or Hispanic.>> The fact of the matter is sir, I am not a racist.
I've spent my life helping black people and you little son of a
>> Trump has had to answer to some of the more outrageous remarks by his supporters. Like when New Hampshire State Rep Al Baldasaro, who advises Trump on veteran’s issues said, quote Hillary Clinton should be put in a firing line and shot for treason. Or when Trump New York campaign chair Carl Paladino said he had no doubt that Obama was a Muslim.
The Trump campaign's brash outspokenness helped him win the Republican primary, but has become a liability in the general election. In the latest Reuters Ipsos poll, Clinton is leading Trump by five points.