FIRST AIRED: August 10, 2016

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>> Britain's relationship with China could be under threat if it fails to approve the Hinkley Point nuclear project. China's ambassador to the UK warning that the two countries are at crucial historical juncture. Writing in the FT, he hints that mutual trust could be in jeopardy if Theresa May blocks the deal.
Reuters energy correspondent Karolin Schaps says a strain in relations could also hit other infrastructure projects.>> When the Chinese president visited Britain last year, around 40 billion pounds worth of deals were announced that involved China's investments. So if China indeed decides not to see Britain as an investable market then that would certainly put a lot of other projects at risk.
France's EDF is set to build two reactors in the UK with financial backing from China. The plan was championed by May's predecessor, David Cameron. But just hours after the board of EDF gave the green light in early August, May's new government slammed on the brakes. Instead of rubber stamping the agreement, it launched a review of the $18 billion pint deal.
>> A few sources next to her have said that if she has been as concerned regarding the Chinese involvements in this 18 billion pound projects and wanted to make sure that there are no implications or issues regarding national security through this Chinese involvement.>> Even so, the UK government is playing down suggestions of a u-turn, instead saying the UK Prime Minister just needs more time.
A decision now slated for September.