FIRST AIRED: August 9, 2016

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>> A stumbling giant in Rio on Monday. China's men's gymnastics team ending their eight year streak at the top of the sport. After a day of slips, trips, and fumbled landings. In the end, it was bronze at the podium. A bitter defeat to long time rival Japan who got off to a wobbly start when Koji Yamamuro fell off the pommel horse.
But the team quickly snapped back into shape led by the sport's biggest male star, Kohei Uchimura. China found some redemption in the pool. Sun Yang finishing first in the men's 200 meters freestyle, making him the only Chinese swimmer to ever win the event. But his victory stirred up boos in the crowd.
Sun was earlier called a drug cheat by arch rival, Australian Mack Horton. Infuriating his fans and leading a Chinese newspaper to hit back calling Australia, Britain's offshore prison. That race wasn't the only overshadowed by a doping spat. American, Lily King, swimming to victory in the women's 100 meter breast stroke just ahead of Russia's Julia Efamova.
Efamova won an appeal against the doping ban just before the games kick off but has been taunted by Rio's ruckus crowds and mocked by the new American champion.