FIRST AIRED: August 26, 2016

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>> Another moment of fear in the Italian mountains.
owerful aftershock rattling the town of Amatrice, already devastated by Wednesday's earthquake. Rescue workers taking cover as damaged buildings tottered. Just one of many fresh jolts, some almost as bad as the original quake. No fresh casualties as a result of the aftershocks, but the death toll keeps mounting.
Reuters' Steve Scheer has been to speak to those who were forced to evacuate.>> Here, there are about 115 people who are sleeping, trying to put their lives back together after losing their home and often loved ones. Today, what we've seen are families going up to their homes with the help of fire department officials and rescue workers to try and retrieve some personal things.
Some clothes, family pictures, things like that. And here the people are just trying to get back to a normal life. The children are playing board games, the families are getting ready to have lunch together. So today, there's a sense of trying to take the first steps forward after this terrible earthquake.
>> Just bodies being recovered now, not survivors. Anger is starting to mount. Many asking why this region, which has a history of major earthquakes wasn't better prepared. Renzi declaring a state of emergency Thursday evening. That helps free up 50 million euros for rebuilding efforts. He also launched a new initiative to tackle shoddy construction standards, and vowed to provide better help for victims than in the past.