FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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in a move that could shake up the twenty sixteen elections Virginia on Friday joining a parade date getting convicted felons back their right to vote asserting his executive powers Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe ordering it former convicts who complete their parole Mamie minorities are free to vote in November I would ask you to give me one reason why benefit our society leave hundreds of thousands of people trapped in second class status Julia Edwards and following the story liquid affect about two hundred thousand people in Virginia which is the largest pool that we've seen the expected from such a loss so far and it really reflects and thinking that and Democratic Party one to be standing up for criminal justice reform to try to give people a second chance which in their ways moving throughout the country now but also to try to get more people to the polls most would be likely to vote democratic and could influence the outcome in a key swing state nationwide some two dozen states have eased boating restrictions on balance in recent years reading efficient are left to this date and that we've seen similar debate how , where are the democratic legislature passed a similar law the Republican governor vetoed that we saw the same debate Maryland Republican governor vetoed it but in the legislature is able to overturn that decision kerosene and back and forth and all criminal justice reform has been somewhat of a bipartisan issue in rare in that era the issue of voting rights for a felon does seem to break up on party lines especially because Republicans may look upon adding two hundred thousand namely African American voters and our new Ford for Democrats and enough for them Republican opponents in Virginia said my colleagues moved reeked of politics arguing it should have excluded balanced convicted of violent crimes