FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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rarely have to presidential candidate needed more from the running mate and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton I'm Jim Oliphant political correspondent for Reuters here in Washington and if trump in Clinton clinch their respective nominations polls show them to be deeply unpopular with large swath of voters making their picks RBP more crucial than ever Hillary yet fire when trying to introduce a couple things he's gotta build a bridge the Republican establishment that has been fighting against for months but he also had to reassure voters who are nervous about his qualifications for the presidency that's why he talked about finding it Alberta Canada like presidential rivals Marco Rubio and John Cage maybe Scott Walker the governor of Wisconsin none of them by the way have expressed any interest in the job last being the truck needs another outsider another bomb thrower that's trumps jobs what he needs instead is a consummate insider someone who can play the Washington game my name to get talked about quite a bit is New Jersey governor Chris Christie was one and live here without a politician to come out for trump during the campaign there's a lot of speculation that Britney with his background can end up on the ticket in Hillary Clinton's case or number of factors we have to take a look at when making their chief among those is whether she have to heal the rift in the Democratic Party that has emerged between her supporters and voters who supported Bernie Sanders she might want to consider going after a fall on progressive like say Elizabeth Warren or Ohio senator Sherrod brown but you can also take another route she could consider naming a Hispanic that would not only make history will go a long way toward again leasing the progressive day , Kim came the senator from Virginia who actually opposes abortion or Cory Booker the prismatic the senator from New Jersey who has close ties the financial sector there's an old saying in Washington that voters don't vote for the vice president and historically that's been largely true because of the unique election it's convenient to candidates and tromping Clinton do have huge political , so it may be that their vice presidential pick this time around to do more to boost their standings with certain segments of voters that has been historically true