FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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When it comes to the US presidential race, Japan's got little love for Donald Trump. A Reuters poll, published on Thursday showing most Japanese firms think it would be bad news if he ended up in the White House. Reuter's acting Tokyo Bureau's Chief Ed Clayman explains why.>> The idea that he wants Japan to take a stronger role in paying for example, the stationary of 50,000 US troops in Japan.
The possibility that the US would consider letting Japan have its own nuclear weapons, has raised concerns that the US may have less of a commitment to Japan's security under a Trump presidency.>> Okay so it's a thumbs down from Japan on Trumps foreign policy. But what about business?
He's a self-made billionaire who loves talking about the economy and the US is Japan's second-largest trading partner.>> Over a half of the respondents about 55%, felt that the Trump presidency would also hurt the business environment in the US. And would make the US a less attractive place to invest.
So there are also concerns coming from that direction.>> It's a pretty clear message then, Japan has precious little faith in the Donald. So who would they rather see in the White House? The answer, Hillary Clinton.>> More than 80% of the respondents felt that Clinton would maintain the status quo in economic and security policy.
Several of the respondents noted that she had been Secretary of State, and they used words like pragmatic or a safe pair of hands in describing what they expected from a potential Clinton administration.>> So there it is. When it comes to the US presidency, Japan says better the devil you know.
One comment from a business manager summing up the countries attitude towards Hilary. She'd bring a lack of freshness and no surprises and that would be a relief.