FIRST AIRED: March 10, 2017

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>> All right, we're gonna do something different today.>> Paul Ryan becoming a one man fire brigade on Capitol Hill Thursday as critics raged at the Republican plan to replace Obama Care.>> We see all terrible things happening with the legislation you put forward.>> The House speaker and his health plan under mounting attack not only from Democrats but from House conservatives.
Hospitals, doctors, even the billionaire Koch brothers all nursing their own reasons for bashing the Republican bill. Cuz the opposition hitting a new crescendo Thursday, Ryan kicking it up a notch. With his shirt sleeves rolled preempting his own weekly news conference with a 35 minute PowerPoint presentation on the merits of the GOP plan and why it's better than Obama's.
>> Obama Care's did so much damage. We wanna protect people with pre-existing conditions. Dramatically lower and stabilize the price of insurance. A market-based system which will give us lower costs, more competition and more choices. This is the closest we will ever get.>> Ryan has reason to worry not only is his name inextricably linked to the health bill seven years in the making.
But his broader plans for tax reform and reigning in entitlements Rests squarely on the health plan going through. President Donald Trump on board, but so far keeping to the background. Ryan can point to some progress as two House panel's voted to move the bill ahead Thursday, but that's the easy part.
The real hurdle convincing the hold outs in his own party. A band of conservatives who fear its costs and moderates who worry millions might lose their coverage.>> Thank you for putting up with my town hall presentation.>> Meaning Paul Ryan's whirlwind campaign to sell his plan is just getting started.