FIRST AIRED: March 13, 2017

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>> So you have the lamb, chicken and the vegetarian.>> He used to cook in his restaurants in Damascus. Then, in the refugee camps of Calais, as he fled war and persecution, now, he's bringing a taste of Syria to London. A dream come true for someone who lost everything.
>> The pop up idea is serving Syrian dishes for non-Syrian people. In Syria, the food with the family, of course, meaning a lot for us like it's traditional to meet every week, everyone sharing. We have very huge dining tables where everyone just around, sometimes they, we cook for hours and the food finish with minutes.
>> With the help of local charities, the chef is launched to pop up restaurant in London. Imad's Syrian kitchen is raising money for refugees and hopefully, kick starting his business again.>> It's the same dishes we used to have in our parents' house, like my mother use to do all of these dishes.
It's not like the restaurant cooking so->> Yeah. And everyone loves their mother's food. Tell me what was your favorite?>> Actually, this is my favorite with these type.>> Thank you.>> It's called. Taking a lot of work, it's a with a lot of other ingredient inside.
Personally, I don't want to be able to feel sorry, because we are Syrian. We are very proud to be Syrian by the way. When we have chance to do something, we gonna do it. Hopefully, it's gonna make a different idea about the Syrian people, everyone look at them, like we are refugee, but we are happy working as well.