FIRST AIRED: March 7, 2017

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>> After its first bungled attempt at an immigration ban, which was quickly halted by the courts, will the Trump Administration's second effort withstand potential challenges? Legal experts telling Reuters that Monday's ban, which has a long list of exemptions the first did not, could make it harder to shut down.
Reuters reporter Mica Rosenberg.>> When the first ban was issued, there were a large number of lawsuits that were filed against it, more than two dozen around the country. And one of the main things that the lawsuits have to prove is something that's called standing, which means that whoever is suing has been harmed by the policy.
So now, with this large number of people who have been exempt from the current ban, that means that it might be more difficult to find people who can claim that they've been harmed in court.>> The ban removes Iraq from the group of affected nations and adds exemptions for green card holders, dual national citizens, and people granted asylum.
They're halting refugee programs. The ban also listing those eligible for waivers, including infants and young children or travelers who have previously been admitted to the US for work or school, and many others. Still, opponents will likely challenge aspects of the order. And the Trump Administration will have to prove a legitimate terror threat from those regions.
The order also removes any reference to prioritize Christian minorities, but the perception that the order is targeting a religious group is still a liability.>> One of the main challenges to the original ban was that it was discriminatory against Muslims, since many of the countries that were excluded were Muslim majority countries.
That is still the case.>> The concept of a Muslim ban was repeated throughout the campaign.>> For a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.>> And that may come back to haunt any such order from the President. Democrats and groups like the ACLU still referring ban number two as a Muslim ban.