FIRST AIRED: March 18, 2017

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>> We are going to repeal and replace horrible, disastrous Obamacare.>>
>> We asked that question and asked if people agreed with that, and we saw very, very high levels of support for that on both sides of the aisle.
Initially, the response is really not that great. Pretty much 46% of Americans said that it is not an improvement over Obamacare, 32% says it is an improvement over Obamacare. Our poll also has an interesting things to say about how Americans feel about healthcare. We tested one question about whether people think healthcare is a fundamental human right.
This is something that you may have seen Bernie Sanders say repeatedly on the campaign trail and after the election.>> Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.>>
We also asked what is the most important problem in the United States? This is a question that we've had in the five years of the Reuters/Ipsos poll. I will tell you, typically, when we ask that question, most Americans think the economy is the most important problem. Every now and then after a major terrorism event, the terrorism rises to the top.
But for the first time in the five years of our poll, health care is the number one issue. It's important to understand that these numbers are really a first impression among the American public. People really don't know that much about the AHCA, but it does underscore the challenges of facing the Republican Party.
Republican leaders are really gonna have to sell this plan that right now at first glance is not that popular with the American public. They're gonna have to come out and explain to people why this is something that people should actually want. They're really gonna have to sell that philosophy.