FIRST AIRED: March 2, 2017

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The information reported last night makes it clear beyond the shadow of the doubt that Attorney General Sessions cannot possibly lead an investigation into Russian interference in our election, or come anywhere near it. With these revelations, he may very well become the subject of it.>> Should he recuse himself?
I think he answered that question this morning, which is, if he himself is a subject of investigation, of course he would. But if he's not, I don't see any purpose or reason to do anything on this.>> I think everybody would agree, he has to recuse himself. But now of course, as this goes on, the questions arise, has he perjured himself?
>> Look, I got a lot of faith in Jeff Sessions, I think he'll do the right thing. If there is an investigation, he probably shouldn't be the person leading it.>> I think he has a choice, and that is to recuse himself off, which I think is the appropriate thing to do, or resign.
>> Look, based on what we've read, and the information is not complete, I think the Attorney General should further clarify. And I do think he's gonna need to recuse himself at this point.>> And is this because of the meetings that he had with the ambassador? Or because of what he said at his congressional testimony?
>> Because of how he answered the question in his testimony.>> Thank you.>> Thank you.