FIRST AIRED: March 3, 2017

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>> The arrest and pending deportation of 22 year old Daniela Vargas, triggering new fears among immigrants. That existing protections said to be kept in place by the new US administration have in fact disappeared. Vargas addressed a rally in Jackson, Mississippi Wednesday, where she spoke about her fear of being deported.
>> I dream of being a university math professor, but now I'm not so sure my dream will continue to develop.>> Shortly afterward she was placed in detention. The Vargas family came to the United States from Argentina when Daniela was seven years old. He father's visa has since expired.
Her brother is here illegally, but Daniela has been granted a stay in the country under President Obama's 2012 Executive Order, protecting some 750,000 immigrants, known as dreamers. Who entered the United States illegally as children. The program allows some dreamers to obtain temporary work permits that protect them from deportation.
Vargas's permit expired in November, but she applied in mid February to renew it. Her attorney telling Reuters Friday, it appears her client will be deported imminently. Daniela is being processed as a visa waiver overstay, and she will not be given a bond, or an Immigration Court hearing before her removal.
The Department of Homeland Security announced stricter enforcement of immigration rules last month, but said it would not affect those with work permits, similar to the one Vargas held. In the meantime, Vargas awaits her fate inside a Louisiana detention center.