FIRST AIRED: March 6, 2017

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>> Damien McGenity's land straddles the Irish border near the Town of Newry. Brexit will take the Northern Irish farm out of the EU, but leave some fields inside in the Irish Republic. Peace and EU deals removed the physical border in the 90s. Lives are intertwined on either side and McGenity says if checkpoints materialize, they'll destroy the local economy.
>> We caught hay, we bring straw in from that land to feed these animals. Never mind our day-to-day life for I want to go to vets, so, I want to go and buy meal or I want to go buy lick buckets for my animals. Where I currently buy them in the South because the Irish supplier's close to me.
>> Westminster says there will be no hard border, but everyone I speak to here finds that very hard to believe. I'm Lucy Fielder reporting for Reuters from the Northern Irish frontier, where locals fear there could soon be customs checks just like back in the old days.
ecking for illegal goods, or maybe immigrants.
Is this what the only land border between the UK and EU will look like? McGenity was among locals who staged this mock up. Brexit has played into a crisis that forced an election last week. Border posts will anger Republicans who want to unite Ireland, not cement the divide.
Many pro-British unionists voted Leeve. The divorce is expected to be filed this month and drag on for years. Fears are it can only get worse here. And despite the UK's assurances, Dublin has said, it's scouting locations for customs points on the Irish side.>> This is the way it was years ago.
And I remember the way it was years ago. You were held up for hours on end on the road. So, we don't want to go back to that. They put people out of business.>> For three decades of Northern Ireland troubles, the border was a flash point. Checkpoints and those days manned by British troops were nationalists targets.
And some fear they will be again. Newry's location has been both blessing and curse. Which would it be after Brexit?