FIRST AIRED: March 9, 2017

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>> Very different type of classroom. Hungarians civilians who signed up to patrol the countries borders. Learning to police the frontier crossed by migrants and refugees hoping to reach the EU.>> Here the latest recruits of the controversial circle, border hunters are being put through combat training. I'm Reuter's report Jacob Greeves at a camp near the Hungarian border where in just under two months time, the first of this new force will be deployed.
>> Originally from a nearby village left a job in Austria to sign up.
> Of course within the link of framework by abiding by the rules and regulations.
Authorities stress that candidates undergo psychological evaluation. But weapons training is part of the process. And when they graduate, they will carry firearms.>> Are you prepared to use force to defend the border if necessary?>>
Yes, of course if necessary.>> Hungary hopes 3,000 such recruits will pass the six-month course, part of a tightening of its borders aim to deter those who are hoping to cross its territory. At the swearing in ceremony for recruits earlier this week Prime Minister Viktor Orbán claimed Hungary is still under siege.
He also described migration, the course for terrorism. The Governments' policy towards migrants is at odds with EU heavy weights who disagree with an iron fist approach. Critics say he's fostering a dangerous siege mentality. One where these recruits will soon be the front line.