FIRST AIRED: March 16, 2017

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>> And the bottom line is a lot of Americans were wondering what's going on here.>> Republican Senator Lindsey Graham ramping up the pressure over Russia's allegedly ties to Donald Trump's presidential run saying congress is ready to quote, flex its muscle to get answers including whether Trump Tower was ever wiretapped under President Obama as Trump claimed earlier this month.
>> And we're gonna get there. I don't know how we get there, but we're gonna get there together. We're gonna do it as Republicans and Democrats.>> Graham's Senate Judiciary Subcommittee kicking off its inquiry with a hearing on Wednesday, the first of several investigations into Russia's actions taking shape on Capital Hill.
Graham who briefly ran against Trump in the Republican primary and has remained a staunch critic saying he plans to use his subpoena power to lift the veil of mystery on whether the FBI has been investigating any connections Trump may have to Russia that could include whether the alleged wire tapped Trump tweeted about actually happened.
Graham going so far that threaten the hold up the confirmation of the deputy attorney general and last the FBI director James Comey tells him whether the investigation is happening. This is the chairman of the house intelligence committee Devin Nunes who is guiding the Congressional probe. On Wednesday said he has so far seen no evidence to backup Trump's wire tapping claim.
>> I don't think there was an actual tap of Trump Tower.>> In an interview with Fox News, Trump said his claim Obama ordered the wiretap, quote, covers a lot of different things. Adding that he sees very interesting items coming to the forefront, concerning his allegation, over the next two weeks.
Nunes announcing the intelligence community will hear testimony Monday on Russia's role in the election from both Comey and National Security Agency Chief Admiral Mike Rogers.