FIRST AIRED: March 14, 2017

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>> A new documentary containing previously undisclosed video of Michael Brown raising new questions about a suspected robbery police claim the 18 year old committed at this convenience store hours before he was shot and killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. Shortly after Brown's death police released a security camera video inside the store taken minutes before Brown was shot.
It shows the second of two visits by Brown within a few hours in which he pushes a worker before walking out with cigarillos in an apparent robbery. Brown's family and protesters criticized its release as an effort to demonize the teenager. Filmmaker Jason Pollack claims new surveillance footage from the first visit proves Brown didn't steal from the store and instead shows a much friendlier exchange.
In it, Brown gives the store employee what appears to be a small bag, the contents of which the staff pass around and sniff. One employee gives Brown two boxes of cigarillos in a carrier bag. Brown takes a few steps away before turning back and handing the bag back to an employee who appears to stash it behind the counter.
>> He didn't take anything from the store. And for the store to claim that he took something and then was asked for it back, why on earth would the clerk give him something, put it in a bag and then realize, by the way give me that bag back.
>> St Louis prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch on Monday said the so called newly uncovered video is not new at all. He says it was documented in a police report at the time of Brown's death, and was viewed as not relevant to the case. He also accuses Pollock of heavily editing the video.
>> There's clearly an attempt to distort this and to turn it into something it isn't.>> Brown's death led to months of protesting in Ferguson and sparked demonstration across the country. The officer who killed the teenager was not charged.