FIRST AIRED: March 10, 2017

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>> They weren't born to see Northern Ireland's troubles, but fierce sectarian violence could return after Brexit. These young people involved in some of the many EU funded peace projects bringing together Protestant and Catholic communities in Belfast. Northern Ireland receives $500 million Euros a year from Brussels, more than any other UK region.
Westminster has pledged to plug the dam after Brexit, but few here are convinced.>> Events like these, and cross-community events that are funded because of subsidies from the European Union, are so, so important to strengthen the connections that we have with our culture>> The city's still segregated by what are euphemistically called Peace Walls.
I'm Lisa Fielder reporting for Reuters from Belfast, where nearly two decades of peace have eased but not eradicated all signs of sectarianism. It's an uneasy peace. Scores of these barriers keep Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods apart and the paramilitaries that are still active in their pens.>> This one divides a park, edged by two dicey areas.
Connor Maskey worked on an EU funded scheme to remove a chunk, so the barrier became a gate. They had to knock on every door around the park for approval. Many in Belfast feel safer with the walls there. And they still have to lock it at night.>> These are armed groupings that still exist, and armed groupings who exist to proactively wreck and destroy the peace that's being created.
In some areas they are growing. EU funding for organizations such as ours and the work that we do has been vital in terms of keeping the peace at local level.>> Northern Ireland will also host to the UK's only land border with the EU, which has at incensed Irish nationalists.
Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams warning that will destroy the Good Friday peace deal. Brexit has split society and nowhere more than in this volatile province that hardly needed another divide.