FIRST AIRED: March 7, 2017

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Three days since the president said that President Obama had his wires tapped, his phone tapped at Trump Tower. In those three days has The White House come up with any evidence whatsoever to prove that allegation?>> Yeah, I addressed this multiple times yesterday. I think the president, we put out a statement on Sunday.
Saying that we will have no further comment, and we were asking the House and the Senate Intelligence Committees to look into this concern.>> Can't the President just asked the FBI director if it happened?>> Well I, I think, look, I think.>> Has he asked him?>> No the President has not.
>> Do you believe that President Obama ordered someone else?>> I get that that's a queue question to ask. My job is to represent the President.>> Will the President withdraw the accusation? Does he have any.>> Why would he withdraw it until it's adjudicated? That's what we're asking, is for them to look at this and see if there is.
>> No regret with them.>> He's not Raising this accusation?>> No he's not, absolutely not.>> Have you seen any evidence yourself? Has the evidence been shared with you or other members. Senior members of the President's staff, as to why he made this particular accusation?>> As far as me, no.
I'm not in a position that that would be regularly part of my daily duties.>> Is the White House position that the President can make declarative statements about a former President, basically committing a crime? And then the Congressional committee to look into that and basically prove it? I mean I guess it's
>> No, it's not quite new but I take issue with, it's not a question to prove it.>> Can we count on the President to the south while this investigation is going on, to cease and desist using Twitter or any other public venue to make accusations that are in public, but he will not respond to in public?
>> With respect to this particular situation, I'll ask that and I'll get back to you on that.