FIRST AIRED: March 1, 2017

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>> Malaysia on Wednesday charging two women with the airport murder of Kim Jong-nam, a crime that carries the death penalty. Police say 25 year old Indonesian, Siti Aishah, and a 28 year old Vietnamese named Doan Thi Huong rubbed the deadly VX nerve agent on the face of the half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jung-un.
Doan's lawyer spoke outside the courtroom.>> She was perfectly all right and she was calm. Of course, she definitely would be stressed, because she's facing a death penalty
She denies the charges against her?>> Yeah, she denied, she denied. She said, I'm innocent.>> Security cameras caught this footage of the assault in the airport acquired by Fuji TV.
The nerve agent used is considered a weapon of mass destruction by the UN. Both women say they were paid for what they thought was a reality TV prank. The US and South Korea believe the attack was an assassination masterminded by the North. Seoul called for action after the killing, suggesting Pyongyang be kicked out of the UN.
Kim had been living in exile under protection from China in the territory of Macau, and had criticized the Kim family regime and his supreme leader half-brother. Wednesday's charges handed down as Pyongyang tries to patch up damaged relations after the killing. It sent delegations to Beijing and to Kuala Lumpur to smooth things over with two of the few remaining countries with ties to the North.