FIRST AIRED: March 1, 2017

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>> I'm here tonight to deliver a message of unity and strength.>> President Donald Trump in rare form in his first address to Congress.>> From my heart.>> Taking a more restrained tone and asking for unity among Democrats and Republicans. An effort to repackage his populist message says Reuters correspondent James Oliphant in Washington.
>> You can see last nights speech in a lot of different ways. Maybe it was a way for Donald Trump to reboot what's been a struggling presidency so far. Maybe it's him and the White House coming to the realization that he actually needs Congress after all to pass what he outlined as a very ambitious legislative agenda.
And maybe it was just an attempt to turn down the temperature a little bit. And basically present maybe a little bit of a softer, more disciplined side.>> He was less combative, less thin skinned, and more inclusive. But there were still flashes of standard Trump. Portraying the US as economically broken and plagued by crime, illegal immigrants, and terrorism.
>> Radical Islamic terrorism.>> Look I'm not gonna stand here and tell you this marks a new Donald Trump, a more presidential Donald Trump. We've all been burned on that score countless times, and we'll see which Trump shows up on Wednesday and for the rest of the week and for the rest of his tenure.
But, this was an effort I think for Trump to elevate the discourse, to elevate his record a little bit, maybe showing the American public a different side of him. And if we remember at his inaugural, he painted Congress as the enemy. He talked about Congress being part of the problem.
Politicians who had profited at the expense of the American public. There was none of that talk last night, instead He tried to be more inclusive. He reached out to Congress Democrats and Republicans alike suggesting that they all work together in partnership to enact Trump's agenda.>> Trump laid out plenty of promises, a massive infrastructure and public works program, tax cuts for the middle class, immigration reform and education bill and a healthcare overhaul.
But Democrats criticized his proposals as being short on specifics and despite the softer tone, Trump's divisive policies and months of taunting and sometimes hostile rhetoric will not be forgotten by Democrats anytime soon.>>