FIRST AIRED: March 10, 2017

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>> The town of Ossining, New York, about an hour north of Manhattan, has a problem with a local golf course. The owner, a famously litigious businessman, believe his property tax bill was too high and sued the town. That businessman is now President of the United States. Ossining Town Supervisor, Dana Levenberg now finds herself in an unsettling position.
>> It was nerve wracking to be in a position of negotiation with somebody who might become president. And also somebody, I have to say, who is notorious for seeking retribution. That is really scary. What does that mean now for somebody who's in a even more powerful position?>> The federal government can direct funds vital to local government for everything ranging from emergency services to education.
Ossining, just one example of local government facing off with Trump. Businesses, at least a half a dozen legal disputes remained unresolved as Donald Trump took office in January. Reuters' correspondent Joseph Ax.>> He still has an ownership interest in those property so even if is not involved in this disputes on a day to day level.
The people on the other side, they know very well who owns those properties and who tends to benefit.>> Representatives from Trump organization declined to comment. The case of Trump National Golf Course versus the town of Ossining involving a particularly Trump twist. The town says, the taxable value of the course is close to $15 million.
Trump's lawyers said no way, that the value was only 1.4 million. But in a financial disclosure form filed with election officials, Trump boasted the course was worth more than $50 million. In any case, residents of Ossining have rallied behind the town supervisor in standing up to the commander and chief.
>> Everybody feels like it's really important>> That there's no special deal that happens here. Everybody should be paying their fair share.>> Besides, they're still negotiating in the hope of reaching a settlement.