FIRST AIRED: March 18, 2017

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>> British soldiers arriving in Estonia as part of a NATO mission to deter neighboring Russia. Almost 130 troops landing at the Amari military base, 25 miles southwest of the capital Tallinn, late on Friday. The first of 800 to come, a part of a strategy agreed by NATO leaders last July in a move to reassure member states, once part of the Soviet bloc, now alarmed by Russia's seizure of Crimea from Ukraine.
We are welcoming the first part of the British troops to Estonia. And it is very important that we are understanding that it's not a question about protecting Estonia, it's a question about protecting NATO and EU eastern boarder. We know, as well, that Russia acting aggressively, Russia is still violating international law.
>> NATO planning to move around 4,000 troops into Northeastern Europe on a rotational basis, focusing on Poland and the Baltic States that fear Moscow could destabilize them.>> We're obviously here to reassure our NATO allies, trained in a multi-national battle group, along with the Danish, the French. And obviously underneath an Estorian brigade as well, and get some real good multi-national training.
And so that as NATO as a whole, we're much better at capability.>> Russia, denying any wrongdoing, describing NATO's behavior as aggressive and threatening.>>