FIRST AIRED: March 15, 2017

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>> Could this be the man about to shake up not only Dutch politics but the course of Europe? As Netherlands votes many are expected to pick him, Geert Wilders, the so called Dutch Trump. He's anti-Islam, anti-EU and polls suggest he could win the election here.>> Geert Wilders is my hero, why?
He say no more Islam. He have 12 years long security in this life. And he is a strong leader.>> Donny has admired Wilders for over a decade.>> They have a lot of problems with gay people and with immigrants. You have a lot of problems with Islam in the Hague, in Rotterdam, in Amsterdam.
I feel we're not safe.>> I'm Reuters Rosanna Philpott in The Hague. Where after Brexit and Donald Trump's success in the US, these voters are taking the next big test in global populism. A win for Wilders today is likely to a have a huge impact on the next major elections in France and Germany.
Immigration a crucial issue, even more so given the recent diplomatic spat with Turkey. Emen says it's forcing Dutch Turks to pick sides.>> First question you always get is about loyalty, and that is really alienating the people. That's why they don't feel too much attached. And now they feel they are squeezed between two political games.
>> Wilders and current prime minister, Mark Rutte, neck and neck. But there are almost 30 other parties to choose from. With over a million users, smart phone craze Tamagotchi could be a possible clue to the outcome. Players hatch a virtual politician, feed the ones they like, and starve the ones they don't.
In this race at least, Wilders is not in the lead. And even if he wins the real election, he'll struggle to form the kind of governing coalition that's required in Dutch politics. For the mainstream parties here, Wilders and his radical rhetoric do not make for an attractive playmate.