FIRST AIRED: March 9, 2017

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>> Make cybersecurity a priority>> Amid wiretapping allegations and with plenty in Washington still furious at him for how he handled Hillary Clinton's email investigation. The head of the FBI said he wasn't going anywhere.>> You're stuck with me for about another six and a half years.>> Director James Comey speaking to a group at Boston College and cyber security Wednesday.
His first public comments since Trump on Twitter accused President Obama of ordering a wiretap on Trump Tower during the campaign. Comey reportedly furious asking the justice department to knock down Trump's allegations saying it was false and should be corrected. But the DOJ has stayed mum and besides pledging to stay on there were plenty of major topics the director didn't address.
Reuters cyber security correspondent, Jim Finkle, was there.>> What's also notable is what Comey didn't say, specifically in talking about the Trump hacking claims. I'm talking about the investigation into Russian activity during the election, and then revelations on Tuesday, that CIA documents have apparently been leaked to WikiLeaks.
And WikiLeaks began releasing them.>> Director Comey appointed by Obama had been asked to stay on under Trump, will have another chance to address the so far unproved wire tapping allegations. When he's invited to appear at the first congressional hearing on the probe into alleged Russian hacks of the 2016 election.
Hearings begin March 20th, but at least two senators don't wanna wait that long. In a letter to Comey Wednesday they're demanding quote, copies of any warrant applications and court orders related to the alleged wiretaps of Trump. No evidence so far has been provided by the White House to back up Trump's claim.