FIRST AIRED: March 8, 2017

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>> The United Nations Security Council in an emergency meeting Wednesday, strongly condemning ballistic tests carried out by North Korea earlier this week. With the US Ambassador sending a stark warning.>> I can tell you we're not ruling anything out, and we are considering every option that's on the table.
>> Kim Jong-un personally watched over the four ballistic missile tests Monday, which Pyongyang said were in retaliations for joint drills by the US and South Korea.>> The military exercises that the US has been conducting with South Korea, we have been conducting for 40 years. Annually every year.
And we always notify North Korea before they happen.>> The missiles from North Korea landed in the sea less than 200 miles from Japan, sparking outrage and fear. Pyongyang calling it a drill for a potential attack on US military bases in Japan. Washington fears North Korea is developing a missile that could reach parts of the US.
Following the test, the US on Tuesday delivering the first pieces of its advanced anti-missile defense system known as THAD to ally South Korea. But neighboring China viewing that move as a threat to its own security. Haley tried to diffuse tensions.>> So, with our friends in China, you know we've made it very clear that that is not in any way directed towards China.
It is specifically for North Korea.>> North Korea has been under UN sanctions and an arms embargo since 2006 to discourage development of its nuclear program. So far the Trump administration like the Obama White House has steered clear of a military response but Haley said Tuesday it is time to hold North Korea accountable with actions.