FIRST AIRED: March 16, 2017

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President Trump taking his show back on the road, this time campaigning for the American Health Care Act.>> We'll get rid of Obamacare and make healthcare better for you and for your family.>>
>> And then, we get onto tax reductions, which I like.
>> This ruling makes us look weak.>> But the bulk of Wednesday night's speech was about the Republican health plan, which the crowd cheered for. One supporter even hoisting a crutch in the air. There are some Trump voters though that are still unsure about the replacement, says Reuters reporter Emily Stevenson.
>> When I talked to people on the campaign trail last year, a lot of people didn't really understand what Obamacare did. And now, people are having a hard time understanding what this replacement legislation would do. And the one thing they know about it right now, is they've heard of this CBO report, which projected that 14 million people would lose their health insurance next year alone.
And that scares people, so Trump really needs to kinda sell his base on this legislation, and get them to pressure their lawmakers to get in line.>> Before the rally, reviews of the new health plan were mixed.>> People are worried about not having coverage. But we need just less government interference.
>> I'm excited that they're not gonna make everyone buy insurance.>> We're hoping that it will be better.>> It seems so much like Obamacare.>> Philosophies on healthcare even varied.>> The people in Canada are taken care of by their government. I have a friend from Canada and she said if she ever got sick she would go back home because she would be taken care of.
>> While he did make an effort to sell the health plan at the rally, Trump may already be looking to the next thing, tax reform. Which he brought up often and with more enthusiasm.>> Gotta get the healthcare done, we gotta start the tax reductions. I wanna get to taxes.
I wanna cut the hell out of taxes. I would've loved to have put it first, I'll be honest.>> And even though he's selling it, don't expect the President to attach the Trump name to the Obamacare replacement.>> It's gonna be great.>>