FIRST AIRED: March 17, 2017

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The latest victims of a rocket fueled spat between China and South Korea.
As Beijing anger grows over Seoul's deployment of the THAAD anti-missiles system. China is cancelling performances by hugely popular South Korean music groups. It is also taking South Korean's TV dramas off the air. Blocking streaming sites and dropping advertising deals.>> It may seem slightly bizarre and petty, but as Reuters Adam John reports it's a calculated move by Beijing.
>> K-Pop here is being very popular among Chinese as well as these Korean drama and variety shows. So it's an obvious target for a crackdown on Seoul and South Korean economy because China is one of the biggest importers of South Korean cultural imports. And so, by targeting this area it's sending a very clear and visible message to South Korea.
Back off from the anti-missile system, or we're going to continue to spread this crackdown on your stars.>> The so called K-drama industry may be taking a hit, but illegal downloads of Korean TV shows have shot up in China, as people scramble to get their fix.>> A lot of consumers, especially the young consumers, are very good about finding alternative channels.
You know, if they cannot find it through the mainstream, there are groups on this set of chat maps were people are sharing suggestions. Often they have links to these online cloud platform where you can go and find a downloadable link or torrent of these various shows. They may not the best quality and may not be formatted, but people are finding certain underground market ways around the band.
China's youth may still want their daily those of K-pop culture, but Beijing's determination to choke its neighbors economy runs deep. Tour companies and travel groups are striking Korean destinations off the map. One Korean barbecue shop in Shanghai even telling Reuters nearly all of their Chinese customers have disappeared.