FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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nd unprecedented transformation forty one year old volunteer firefighter Patrick Harty since receiving the most extensive face transplant ever completed the details of his twenty six hour surgery made public on Monday he received a full face transplant , including parts of the skeleton along with I lied ears lit known and scalp doctor Eduardo Rodriguez of the NYU Langone Medical Center was the lead surgeon on the one million dollar operation the fact that we were able to perform this , and the patient was able to come out of the arboretum safely is a very important , the amount of tissue that was transferred , they had not been transplanted , but now we have proven that the technology's ability to transplant the faces have advanced artist grace was severely burned while fighting a fire back in two thousand one the donor twenty six year old David Rohde bar died after a bicycle accident in August two thousand fifteen and two days later his grace was removed from his skull keeping nerves muscles veins and arteries intact so they could be donated to harvest and , that was three months ago partisans body hairs so far accepted the transplant swelling has gone down here is growing and he has even regained control of normal function like blinking and chewing , our ultimate goal when you began , to develop a program that would care for wounded soldiers , and our first responders , with significant injuries or cannot be restored with conventional procedures but there's a long road to recovery ahead including monthly doctor check up and the use of infection fighting drugs for the rest of his life