FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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but it's also home to the family it's become the largest political donor in America Michelle Conlin raiders TV and we're here outside interests no tax and any internally Homan compound as Tara well now parents together with his brother Dan in there why concerning overnight become America's number one political donor so far in the two thousand sixteen presidential race , the family members gain fifteen million dollars recently took had crews and are supporting him and have been for the White House , unlike other mega donors like the cloak brothers or George Soros you look brothers have kept a low profile , people in town described in the local rags to riches , they grow up and go check with three characters in working bricklayers , and it's just the right time , and the brothers cashed out in two thousand and eleven for nearly three and a half million dollars , if they're well continue their beliefs are not , the family of yaoi seven day a congregation that observed both old and new testament lot , and Dan and cara plucked there had to be United in their political beliefs they believed that America needs to be taken back from influence in the think they're concerned about our abortion which they consider to be the murder of unborn children and they are very much opposed to same sex marriage , I and they also are used in point to scripture I to enhance their belief in in a low tone no regulation they're concerned about big government about federal government and and would like to use their money to see an America that more in the in the gems of the Bible and they see , even well fifteen million dollars , may not be enough to make a dent , at least two other donors had given Christmas super pac a combined twenty one million dollars , in until early in an election promising to set new records for campaign spending , including the group brothers reg , do you their network of conservative donors , to pour a billion dollars into the ring