FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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Kyrie government lifting a tsunami warning currency morning after a powerful earthquake killed at least eight people Andrea earlier latest correspondent Anthony Esposito insanity I go by I thought if your old home wherein the earthquake struck Gergen aftershocks are all made a mold morning long somebody aftershocks would be major news by themselves and other parts of the world over and many Iranians were evacuated after a magnitude eight point three quake struck in the Pacific Ocean carbon Manami strength rate which slammed into court for talent their worst hit areas are report of Cupertino , about two hundred two hundred twenty kilometers north of the capital city Santiago computable which hit pretty harshly , are some of some of our audience are for or even four point five meters according to Chinese interior minister when the quake was the strongest in the world so far this year went Kramer said admirably and winner every in Argentina turning around and on the highly seismic zone back into gardening can more than five hundred people were killed in an eight point eight magnitude earthquake trillium , the people the government are , you know construction companies are well aware of the fact that we have very frequent earthquakes and , they are well prepared building standards are very high here search and rescue teams are still looking for those who could be trapped under the rubble Chilean president Michelle Bachelet plans to travel to the area worst affected by the great