FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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nndb Volkswagens Creighton deepening Tuesday the company saying eleven million diesel vehicles worldwide may be part of a systemic fraud deceiving regulators about the card toxic emissions , and fixing the problem could cost the company seven billion dollars news that frantic stock reeling again the scandal shattering the image Volkswagen had spent years cultivating rhododendron Joe white covers the auto industry Volkswagen promoted its clean diesel cars , well in part because they were a response to cars like the Toyota Prius or maybe even in the final leap electric car , cars which were clean and green Volkswagen really didn't have a hybrid system that that works for this market but they did have were these diesel and they would say look you're gonna get more driving range you're going to get great mileage anesthesia fuel prices , you know a lot of time going to be better off in terms of money out of your pocket , you buy this diesel thank you bye players hybrid and that was the page it was central to their image in this country they very heavily promoted on diesel to start the diesel Jetta on as efficient sensible very European cars to consumers who like that and like the idea that Hey I'm driving I'm grabbing something different and driving a European car with the Europeans clean data and that's why this nto the question of whether the Beatles were really clean up is right on the table in the midst of the uproar the company on Monday went ahead with a star studded launch of the twenty sixteen Passat , the head of the company U. S. division admitting the firm had messed up our company was dishonest , and the California air resources board , and with all of you , and in my German workers we have totally screwed up that may be an understatement , US officials say the diesel cars competing software is able to spend when the vehicle was being tested activating the process with the engine produced lower emissions , when not being tested the cars produced as much as forty times the allowed levels of pollution Volkswagen initially said the software acted only five hundred thousand cars in the United States , now admitting the real number is twenty times higher in cars worldwide PPA saying the company could face eighteen billion dollars in penalties for cheating , report on Monday made the department of justice is conducting a criminal probe into Volkswagen in the wake of