FIRST AIRED: December 30, 2016

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>> World stocks were doing very well as the year drew to a close despite a slowing China and shocks in Britain and the US. But next year, political risk is expected to be one of the biggest tests. First up, President Trump and his relationship with the world's second largest economy.
>> He needs the Chinese. After all, they're the second largest holder of American debt. He'll probably like them to buy some more and certainly not sell it. But equally the Chinese need the Americans, because they're one of their largest trading partners. They need them to be still buying Chinese stuff.
>> Brexit was the other shock of 2016 and Britain's expected to file for divorce in March. That's when the Dutch go to the polls. With Geert Wilders's right wing Party for Freedom potentially shaking things up.>>
> And just weeks later, there are elections in France.>> If we predict anybody for this, we're gonna look as stupid as we did with Brexit, or with Trump, or any of the other issues, that apparently were dead certs going one way.
And it will go the other way.>> Marine LePen's right-wing National Front Party is providing the element of uncertainty.>> If it is Madam LePen who comes in, then I don't think she's going to be saving the EU. It may well be actually the end of the Euro.
>> That's unlikely. But neighbor Germany may be crossing a few fingers with Angela Merkel for re-election in October.>> Despite the policies of the last year, particularly with regard to immigration which were unpopular, she's likely to be elected, but I suspect the majority's gonna be much thinner overall.
>> And that could make fat profits hard to come by in 2017.