FIRST AIRED: January 3, 2017

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>> Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu questioned by police on Monday night. The country's leader under suspicion of receiving gifts from businessmen in breach of public service codes. He was grilled for three hours at his home in Jerusalem. Police haven't provided any details of what was discussed. The questioning comes just hours after Netanyahu scoffed at suggestions he was in trouble.
In Jerusalem, Reuters bureau chief Luke Baker.>> Well, he's been pretty phlegmatic. He's sort of, he was heckled by members of the opposition in parliament. He told them to calm down, that they shouldn't start partying or celebrating yet. Effectively trying to put on a brave face, and suggest that he's cooperating with this proceeding, and that he isn't gonna be disturbed or knocked over by it.
But I think it's notable that his manner and tone has seemed much more, I'd say, cautious or careful. That clearly, he takes this process very seriously. So there's a lot of talk and a lot of supposition around the prime minister. And I think that's made him uncomfortable, and it has certainly fed opposition against him.
>> Netanyahu questioned after Israel's attorney general decided there was enough evidence to open a criminal investigation. Local media say the probe relates to gifts worth hundreds of thousands of shekels, given to Netanyahu by Israeli and foreign businessmen. The 67-year-old has been in power on and off since 1996.
He and his wife have weathered several scandals over the years, including probes into the misuse of state funds. The couple has denied any wrongdoing. Israeli commentators point out that previous prime ministers have been questioned many times in the past and gone on governing, sometimes for years.