FIRST AIRED: December 23, 2016

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>> North Carolina legislators rejecting a repeal of the state's controversial transgender bathroom law after the Republican controlled state Senate failed to agree on how to abolish it. The no vote follows outgoing Republican Governor Pat McCrory's call for a one day special legislative session to reconsider the law which has draw months of economic boycotts and protests that likely cost McCrory reelection.
Reuters reporter Letitia Stein covered Wednesday's chaotic legislative session.>> Today in North Carolina, there is no shortage of political blaming going on from both Republicans and Democrats. The Senate's Republican president had put forward a bill that would have done two things. It would have repealed House Bill 2, but it also would have put a temporary moratorium preventing cities from adding their own anti-discrimination protections through ordinances.
That was just not an option that was gonna be workable for the Democrats. So you had the odd spectacle of Democrats, who have been the fiercest critics of House Bill 2 in the State, voting against a repeal alongside a number of Republicans. The result is a political mess in the state.
Republicans are blaming Democrats of not really wanting to repeal the bill, saying they want the issue to grandstand on. Democrats are saying that Republicans broke their word, reneged on a deal by not giving them a clean repeal bill to vote on. And the state continues to have a law in place that is drawing widespread national attention and protest.
>> The toxic fight over the repeal of HB2 is now expected to be pushed into 2017.