FIRST AIRED: January 4, 2017

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>> In this Mexican border city, Ciudad Juarez, residents don't fear Donald Trump's threatened border wall. In fact, some even welcome it. Frank Jack Daniel reporting for Reuters from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. As you can see behind me, a wall already exists here. The one were looking at now is being built almost as we speak, a replacement of a lower fence that existed beforehand.
And for maybe 80 miles from this site, to the east of the city, out to the west, high fencing is in place to try and stop smugglers and traffickers crossing illegally over the border. Here, in the poor neighborhood of Anapra, many residents welcome the heightened security. They've been used to years of drugs, violence, and of smugglers using their homes and neighborhood as a launching pad for passing cocaine, heroin, and other drugs.
They feel that as the border fence grows, it makes it harder and more expensive to carry on this kind of traffic in their area. And while it's not stopped, it's displaced elsewhere, making their homes and neighborhoods safer. Others in the city are less sure. Higher fences mean costs rise and more drugs stay on this side of the wall, one aspect that many in town blame for the drug violence that ripped through the city when two cartels went to war between 2008 and 2012.
At the time, border security had heightened after September 2001, and the cost of moving drugs across the border had risen. More were getting caught by the US, making the local market more of a viable business venture. Drug cartels started to sell more heroin, and cocaine, and crystal meth, to local users, creating an epidemic of addiction.
In all, this is a complicated place. Juarez and neighboring El Paso, Texas are joined at the hip. The two communities are very, very close. And politicians here say Trump's proposal to build a big wall, or even the measures that exist already, a decision is taken a long way away and don't recognize the interconnected nature of these two communities