FIRST AIRED: January 4, 2017

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>> President Obama making a rare visit to Capitol Hill Wednesday to counsel Democrats on the coming war over Obamacare.>>
]>> Republicans gearing up to scrap his signature health law before Donald Trump even takes office if they can figure out how to do it.>> The answer here is not to ignore the problem to keep some failed legacy, the answer here is bold action.
>> The trick, what to do about around 20 million Americans who would lose their coverage if Obamacare dies. Trump himself tweeting for the GOP to quote, be careful with the law, saying quote, it will fall of its own weight. And seeming to agree with those including Democrats who fear an outright repeal would unleash chaos.
>> We're gonna keep our promise to the American people.>> VP Elect, Mike Pence, also taking to the hill, but not pushing policy answers. At least, not yet.>>
But if there's tension, Republicans aren't showing it. House speaker, Paul Ryan, and Pence joking at a press conference and slamming Obamacare.
>> This law has failed. This is about people paying higher premiums every year and feeling powerless to stop it.>> Republican's mulling about six different versions of how to kill Obamacare.>> The Republican plan would make America sick again.>> With Democrats showing no signs of wavering in its defense.