FIRST AIRED: December 17, 2016

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>> As his cabinet fills out, it's clear Donald Trump is assembling a team of bosses to help him run Washington. Older, wealthy, white, and with an image of themselves as dealmakers and action takers. Jim Oliphant is covering the story.>> Well, what really strikes me about Donald Trump's cabinet is he seems to be building this group in his own image.
Or at least the way that Trump views himself. Blunt talking, risk taking.>> One of the all-time great cabinets.>> Trump's roster is short on academics, lawyers, or think tank types. Instead, he's turning to titans of business and finance. Secretary of State pick Rex Tillerson, the head of Exxon Mobile.
Treasury nominee, Steven Mnuchin worked at Goldman Sachs. Who his choice for Commerce, Wilbur Ross is another wealthy investor.>> We are going to negotiate tougher deals. Do we agree?>> There are no fewer than three retired generals.>> Your next Secretary of Defense, General Mad Dog Mattis.>> 16 of these are white men.
>> The emphasis is on men. Of the 21 people that Trump has named to his cabinet in the White House, there are only four women and you can't say any of them really occupy high level positions. You've got people instead like Nikki Haley, The United Nations Ambassador and Betsy DeVos, the Education Eecretary.
>> There are two Asian-Americans, one African-American, and so far no Hispanics. None of them are Democrats.>> Well, Trump's mission one was not to make America feel more comfortable with him. It was making Republicans in Washington feel more comfortable with him. He has largely done that with these cabinet picks.
There is mounting concern on Capitol Hill about Rex Tillerson and his ties to Russia and the Russian government. Right now, it doesn't seem Donald Trump is too worried about the confirmation. He believes his team can sell just about anyone. Now, the other concern, of course, that still remains is whether Trump and his cabinet are gonna up to the task of governing the county.
>> You're basking in the glory of victory.