FIRST AIRED: January 2, 2017

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>> Arriving in Baghdad, France's President François Hollande greeting his Iraqi counterpart. In a show of support, Hollande telling Fuad Masum that Islamic state is a common enemy that they must hunt down. The leader also promising to find any French Jihadists it finds on the battle fields on Iraq.
> We must make sure these individuals can be prevented from committing further harm and arrested if they come back. Then we must be able to commit to de-radicalization, in particular for the children.>> Hollande also meeting French soldiers, telling them their support for the Iraqi army is indispensable for the re-taking of Mosul, and that he was hoping for a year of victory against terrorism.
Explaining that the soldiers serving in Iraq were preventing more mass killings at home. French diplomatic sources say there are about 60 French citizens fighting alongside Islamic State militants in Mosul, alone. And hundreds more in the rest of the country and Syria. Hollande later headed north to Kurdish city if Erbil.
Welcomed by regional President Masoud Barzani. France is set to deliver about 38 tons of humanitarian aid there, including medicine. The visit came as the militant group struck the capital city 24 people were killed and 67 wounded when a car bomb went off in a busy square. The European Union Police Agency Europol has warned there maybe a rise in th return of foreign fighters.
There are fears they will continue to export their terrorism far beyond Iraq's borders.