FIRST AIRED: January 3, 2017

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>> Even without the fireworks it would be fair to say markets have started the year with a bang. Stocks the world over on the rise and Reuter's Markets Editor Mike Dolan says the bulls of 2016 are showing no sign of a January hangover.>> The story really is one of a surprising up beat economic story underneath all of the political uncertainties that we saw through the last 12 months.
And even though the calendar ahead, right to 2017, is littered with potential political upsets, the underlying global economic story is quite positive.>> The main one of course, is Donald Trump and his promise to boost spending. There are also promising signs from China. Strong manufacturing data helping to send European stocks to their highest in a year, the to an all time peak.
But market confidence can be a fragile thing. And some doubt it's staying power once Trump takes office.>> One thing to look at I think very clearly is when Donald Trump does take office on the 20th of January, and just how true is he to his promises on the electoral campaign?
And one of the things the margin, why markets are been bid up is that he has promised a fiscal stimulus of some sort through corporate tax cuts and possible infrastructure spending. If Trump doesn't come through with that I think that could arguably be one of the biggest risks that we see early in this year.
>> Trump is one worry, but there's Brexit too. And the kind of climate that could tempt the bears out of hiding.