FIRST AIRED: December 28, 2016

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>> Amazon Tuesday celebrating what it says was its best holiday season ever and bringing joy for investors. Reuters reporter Jeffrey Dastin.>> Amazon shipped more than 1 billion items world wide. And that seems to be much higher than last year. Although the company doesn't give comparable figures. It also said that it sold nine times more Echo devices.
>> Echo is the home assistance device.>> Alexis stop.>> And you can use your voice to play music or turn on the lights and of course shop. Amazon doesn't say how many it's sold, but one analyst estimates 4 to 5 million for this year.>> Echo represents a lot of opportunity for Amazon because once you get these devices into your homes, you're more likely to order goods by voice and therefore order goods more often.
>> To cope with its blockbuster sales, Amazon has also been taking to the sky.>> It agreed to lease 40 planes and we've learned that the company is basically taking the most expensive items to ship on FedEx or UPS and carrying it on its own fleet. So when you consider the fact that Amazon shipped more than 1 billion items this holiday season alone, it just underscores the importance its fleet will have in the months ahead to carry such a large volume of goods.
>> So what are some of the other best-selling items on Amazon this season? The movie Finding Dory, Samsung's Gear VR, and not surprisingly, Nintendo's Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon role-playing video games.