FIRST AIRED: December 28, 2016

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>> Chicago has a murder problem, that's clear. But after a particularly deadly holiday weekend the windy city now has a murder rate not seen since he 1990s.>> As you all know, Christmas Eve and into Christmas Day we had a reprehensible amount of shootings and murders. Detectives are investigating 27 shooting incidents, 12 of which were fatal.
]>> The city's murder rate is now fast approaching the highest level it's seen since 1997, when 761 people were killed. So why the recent surge in violence? Reuters correspondent Timothy McLaughlin.>> As far as answers are concerned, I'm not sure that there is one simple one.
>> But local authorities point to gang violence, the sheer prevalence of guns relative to other major cities and Chicago's comparatively lighter sentencing for gun related crimes. For instance, possession of an illegal handgun prescribes a minimum one year stint in Chicago, compared to a three and a half year sentence in New York.
It's something the Chicago Police Department, which is under a federal civil rights investigation, has long since railed against.>> The simple fact of it is, I don't care how you rapped.>> If you pick up a gun and shoot somebody, you should go to prison, period. That's the end of that story.
The notion that you should get a pass, you don't get a pass from me.>> But it's not just the guns.>> I think another part that the officials are pointing to is kinda a splintering of the gangsters in Chicago, there is a less stable kind of gang structure than there was.
A couple years ago which has led to more inviting.>> That combination of factors is now raising real questions about 2017, and what the man who campaigned as the law and order candidate will do about it as president.