FIRST AIRED: December 19, 2016

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>> China's foreign ministry on Monday saying it's still in talks with the US military about the return of the underwater drone that was taken by a Chinese navy ship in the hotly contested South China Sea. The US President-elect jumping into the fray over the weekend, first with a misspelled tweet calling the incident unpresidented, then later tweeting, quote, we should tell China that we don't want the drone they stole back, let them keep it.
A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Monday taking issue with Trump's characterization of the drone seizure.>> First, I wanna say that we really don't like this word stolen and this word is completely incorrect. I think what's important, no matter if it was salvaged or what else did you say, dragged out of the water, the key is that China's Navy had a responsible and professional attitude.
>> Beijing had earlier complained that Washington had been, quote, hyping up last week's incident. But it has elevated tensions between the US and China in the resource rich south China Sea. China is deeply suspicious of any American activity there. The US said the unmanned drone was conducting research, state media saying it was likely part of US surveillance efforts in the disputed waterway and that the ship it came from has been involved in similar incidents in the past.
Still, China on Monday saying it's using unimpeded military channels to maintain communication with the US to resolve the matter. And despite Donald Trump's suggestion to let them keep it, the Pentagon says it has secured a deal to get the drone back.