FIRST AIRED: December 19, 2016

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>> China choking through alarming levels of smog. 22 cities declaring red alerts under blackening skies. A maximum warning only issued under forecast of intense or long lasting air pollution. Monday marks day three under extreme haze, but it could've been worst. Reuters David Stanley says, authorities learned some hard lessons during last year's Airpocalypse.
>> What they really want to do is avoid a repetition of last December. Every incident of pollution over the last few months, has bee like a trial of their early warning systems, and their emergency response systems. So, even though Beijing has taken a lot of measures to try to cut coke consumption, the pollution still dwelt in from the still producing region of.
What the has been doing is they are forcing companies to restrict production during periods of smog, and they've also implemented measures to restrict transportation to ease that congestion in Beijing. They've also taken action against construction sites and against outdoor barbecues, which is also one of the sources of pollution.
>> Officials have order residents to stay indoors. For many though, it's business as usual at the risk of serious health effects.>> China published a health action plan a few months ago, and they identified pollution as one of the major causes of several chronic diseases, lung problems, breathing difficulties, even heart problems.
It is responsible for so many premature deaths in Northern China.>> As winter kicks in, China is firing up more and more of its coal-fired power stations, many of them working overtime. Especially in China's frigid North East, currently the worst place for the country's choking haze.